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Do you have love for tech? you are done with high-school and want to study in the university, but aren't sure what course to major in? Then this post is for. 

Here are 10 reasons why you should study computer science:

  1. You might have already guessed the first one. Improved hiring prospects, studying computer does generally give you an added advantage when it comes to job offer.
  2. Gives you the opportunity for true creativity and innovation
  3. Collaborative work and individual effort, gives you opportunity for developing team work skills. 
  4. Limitless future opportunities, even outside of job offers
  5. Make a positive difference in the world
  6. Civil liberty protection resolution
  7. Builds a solid base for you to later diversify in any IT or Tech related  course.
  8. Wide option of specializations 
  9. Immense Entrepreneurship opportunities 
  10. Freelancing potentials

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