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Do you have interest in learning coding? do you already code? then this post is for you. Most individual have a passion for programming and though they might not have a background in computer science or any tech related field, this does not serve as an hindrance. Anyone can learn programming provided the right tool and guidelines needed to begin. With this said, here are some things you should know before going into programming:

  • Read up on programming languages in general, learn the basic ideas and concepts of how they work, don't just jump into a specific language. This research might help you get familiar with programming languages and hence give you an idea of what you might prefer. 
  • Learn basics of data structures and other related concepts as this will give you better insight. 
  • You might generally not have the flare for web design, but a little html knowledge and JavaScript can do you a lot of good for building your skill and love for programming.
  • Learn python after html, its easy and expose you to syntax and semantics 
  • Do not rely on only what you might know, learn to reach out, do research, use the internet . 
  • Have a planned structure or guide for the languages, do just jump in at any point.
  • Develop your skills on java after python.
  • Learn about backends, databases and how their uses
  • Lastly do not give up!! mark your progress and celebrate little wins.

Hope you find these suggestions useful in your journey to learn programming.
All the BEST, and be sure to visit us for assistance. 

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