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The producer-consumer problem is a synchronization problem in the operating system. The problem states that; there is a fixed size buffer, a production process, and a consumer process, the producer's job is to create items and add them to the fixed buffer, while the consumer's job is to consume those items, for this concept to work well certain conditions must be met

  •  The producer does not add an item when the buffer is full 
  • The consumer does not take an item when the buffer is empty 
  • Access to the buffer is mutually exclusive 

Now how do we implement these conditions? This can be achieved through the use of semaphores. 

These semaphores are -

  • Full: This tracks the space filled by the production process and is initialized to 0
  • Empty: This tracks the consumer process consumption and is initialized to the size of the buffer 
  • Mutex: This ensures mutual exclusion for the processes 

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