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Source code needed.

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Below is a source code for a small program that determines the endianness of a machine, with the results reported.

#include <stdio.h>



int integer;

char *p;

integer = 0x30313233; /* ASCII for chars '0', '1', '2', '3' */

p = (char *)&integer

if (*p=='0' && *(p+1)=='1' && *(p+2)=='2' && *(p+3)=='3')

printf("This is a big endian machine.\n");

else if (*p=='3' && *(p+1)=='2' && *(p+2)=='1' && *(p+3)=='0')

printf("This is a little endian machine.\n");


printf("Error in logic to determine machine endian-ness.\n");


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