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With the ever-changing world of IT and telecommunication, it is usually difficult for communications companies to keep up, this is due to a number of so many factors, starting from the large increase in users and complex nature of technologies to the policies existent. These challenges are highlighted below.

  •  Availability of new technologies: The variety and quality of services from telecom companies and internet service providers (ISP) are increasing, profit margins are decreasing, and the lines between telecom companies and technology vendors are blurring. Hence, telecoms have to take a new look at the level of ICT innovation and adapt their organization to digital transformation by creating strong cross-functional interfaces and by seeking tools for maintaining organizational flexibility.
  • Complexity: With the millions of subscribers, a variety of new products, bundled and customized solutions, the operational support services like service configuration, order fulfillment, customer care, and billing are becoming more and more increasingly complex. This has led to an increased cost of handling these operations and requires resources and different tools which also contribute to an increment of financial overhead.

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