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Error TypeDescription
Input ErrorsTotal number of errors. It includes runts, giants, no buffer, CRC, frame, overrun, and ignored counts.
RuntsFrames that are discarded because they are smaller than the minimum frame size for the medium. For instance, any Ethernet frame that is less than 64 bytes is considered a runt.
GiantsFrames that are discarded because they exceed the maximum frame size for the medium. For example, any Ethernet frame that is greater than 1,518 bytes is considered a giant.
CRCCRC errors are generated when calculated checksum is not the same as the  checksum received.
Output ErrorsSum of all errors that prevented the final transmission of datagrams out of the interface that is being examined.
CollisionsNumber of messages retransmitted because of an Ethernet collision.
Late CollisionsA collision that occurs after 512 bits of the frame have been transmitted.

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