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What are some of the potential advantages of an Symmetric Multi-processor compared with a uniprocessor?

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Here are some areas where an SMP (Symmetric Multi-processor) outperforms a uniprocessor:

  1. Performance: If the work to be done by a computer can be organized so that some portions of the work can be done in parallel, then a system with multiple processors will yield greater performance than one with a single processor of the same type. 
  2. Availability: In a symmetric multiprocessor, because all processors can perform the same functions, the failure of a single processor does not halt the machine. Instead, the system can continue to function at reduced performance. 
  3. Incremental growth: A user can enhance the performance of a system by adding an additional processor. 
  4. Scaling: Vendors can offer a range of products with different price and performance characteristics based on the number of processors configured in the system.

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