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examples of applications that benefit directly from the ability to scale throughput with the number of cores.

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Below are examples of applications that benefit directly from the ability to scale throughput with the number of cores

  1. Multi-threaded native applications: Multi-threaded applications are characterized by having a small number of highly threaded processes. Examples of threaded applications include Lotus Domino or Siebel CRM (Customer Relationship Manager).
  2. Multi-process applications: Multi-process applications are characterized by the presence of many single-threaded processes. Examples of multi-process applications include the Oracle database, SAP, and PeopleSoft. 
  3. Java applications: Java applications embrace threading in a fundamental way. Not only does the Java language greatly facilitate multithreaded applications, but the Java Virtual Machine is a multi-threaded process that provides scheduling and memory management for Java applications. Java applications that can benefit directly from multicore resources include application servers such as Sun’s Java Application Server, BEA’s Weblogic, IBM’s Websphere, and the open-source Tomcat application server. All applications that use a Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE platform) application server can immediately benefit from multicore technology.
  4. Multi-instance applications: Even if an individual application does not scale to take advantage of a large number of threads, it is still possible to gain from multicore architecture by running multiple instances of the application in parallel. If multiple application instances require some degree of isolation, virtualization technology (for the hardware of the operating system) can be used to provide each of them with its own separate and secure environment.

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