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assembly vs high level languages

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The disadvantages of assembly languages when compared to the high level languages are as follows;

1. Development time: Writing code in assembly language takes much longer time than in a high level language.

2. Reliability and security: It is easy to make errors in assembly code. The assembler is not checking if the calling conventions and register save conventions are obeyed. Nobody is checking for you if the number of PUSH and POP instructions is the same in all possible branches and paths. There are so many possibilities for hidden errors in assembly code that it affects the reliability and security of the project unless you have a very systematic approach to testing and verifying.

3. Debugging and verifying: Assembly code is more difficult to debug and verify because there are more possibilities for errors than in high-level code.

4. Maintainability: Assembly code is more difficult to modify and maintain because the language allows unstructured spaghetti code and all kinds of dirty tricks that are difficult for others to understand. Thorough documentation and a consistent programming style are needed.

5. Portability: Assembly code is very platform-specific. Porting to a different platform is difficult.

6. System code: can use intrinsic functions instead of assembly. The best modern C++ compilers have intrinsic functions for accessing system control registers and other system instructions. Assembly code is no longer needed for device drivers and other system code when intrinsic functions are available.

7. Intrinsic functions: Application code can use intrinsic functions or vector classes instead of assembly. The best modern C++ compilers have intrinsic functions for vector operations and other special instructions that previously required assembly programming.

8. Improvement in compiler design: Compilers have been improved a lot in recent years. The best compilers are now quite good. It takes a lot of expertise and experience to optimize better than the best C++ compiler.

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